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Author: Will Kellar

End of Year Check List – Naughty or Nice

  He’s making his list and checking it twice. Are you? Make this year-end check list a gift to yourself.   Tax Overhaul – What you can do in 2017:  In light of the latest tax overhaul, millions of Americans > full post

Investing in Future Generations

Exciting news from the Human Investing office:  In the year 2017 alone five babies will be born into the families of Human Investing (2 girls and 2 boys already, with 1 boy on his way)! For myself and the other > full post

Achieving Financial Freedom

In this season of the 4th of July, we have the chance to celebrate our freedoms with gratitude for the sacrifices of those who have gone and those who continue to go before us. When it comes to our household > full post

A “Timely” Blog From Human Investing

The comfort of an old pair of jeans, the sharpness of a well aged cheddar, and the richness of a long time relationship, there are some things in life that get better in time and your retirement account could be > full post

Patience and Investing

Fishing. The cool northwest air, sun peaking over the horizon, the roaring river sweeping in front of me. Some of my favorite moments are spent in quiet, as I stand on the river bank rod in hand, waiting in anticipation. > full post