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End of Year Check List – Naughty or Nice

  He’s making his list and checking it twice. Are you? Make this year-end check list a gift to yourself.   Tax Overhaul – What you can do in 2017:  In light of the latest tax overhaul, millions of Americans > full post

Do Morningstar Fund Ratings Help Investors?

This past week I went on what has turned into a weekly running date with a buddy of mine. In addition to discussing our anticipation for the 2nd season of Stranger Things and who was going to binge the show fastest, > full post

5 Smart Money Moves for Women

  #1- Know Where You Stand Financially Whether because of singleness, divorce or death of a spouse over 90% of women will be managing their money alone at some point in their future. Because women tend to save less and > full post

Investing in Future Generations

Exciting news from the Human Investing office:  In the year 2017 alone five babies will be born into the families of Human Investing (2 girls and 2 boys already, with 1 boy on his way)! For myself and the other > full post

Equifax breach: how to respond

  It has been widely reported that Equifax, one of the three main credit reporting companies, suffered a major data breach that exposed Social Security numbers and other vital information of millions of people. About 143 million people in the United > full post

How to Optimize Your Stock Options

Two Things to Consider When Managing Your Employee Stock Options. Stock options are an interesting benefit. Instead of giving you actual shares of company stock, your employer gives you the “option” to buy a certain number of shares at a > full post