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Do Morningstar Fund Ratings Help Investors?

This past week I went on what has turned into a weekly running date with a buddy of mine. In addition to discussing our anticipation for the 2nd season of Stranger Things and who was going to binge the show fastest, > full post

How to Optimize Your Stock Options

Two Things to Consider When Managing Your Employee Stock Options. Stock options are an interesting benefit. Instead of giving you actual shares of company stock, your employer gives you the “option” to buy a certain number of shares at a > full post

A “Timely” Blog From Human Investing

The comfort of an old pair of jeans, the sharpness of a well aged cheddar, and the richness of a long time relationship, there are some things in life that get better in time and your retirement account could be > full post

identifying your investment risk

Our solution to identifying your investment risk… and why it matters   This past weekend my wife and I went and visited two of our best friends in the hospital who just had a baby girl. When we got the > full post

Market Perspective

When, for a variety of reasons, the stock market experiences downside pressure, I often spend a lot less time on the headlines and more time on the history. Because every market presents itself differently with no up or down move > full post

Patience and Investing

Fishing. The cool northwest air, sun peaking over the horizon, the roaring river sweeping in front of me. Some of my favorite moments are spent in quiet, as I stand on the river bank rod in hand, waiting in anticipation. > full post