Our Human Services

We have a simple mission. To help you invest in what matters.

Endowments & Foundations

As a B-Corp, our goal is to build a business that gives back to our clients, community and team. Because our objective is to succeed both financially and ethically, we are very sensitive to endowments and foundations that want their investments to reflect their principles. IPS Development: we assist clients in developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and recommend investment strategies to meet both financial and ethical objectives. By defining appropriate risk/return objectives and establishing targets and ranges for specific asset categories, we help our clients invest efficiently by capturing upside and minimizing downside whenever possible. Impact Investing: we can invest in specific assets that align with the foundation or endowments principles. Investing consciously is an important principle at Human Investing, and we strive to help our clients through a combination of filtering out unacceptable investments and identifying investments that positively align with the organization’s principles.