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Ted Grigsby

Director of Corporate Services

What Makes Me Human

Ted oversees corporate services at Human Investing, which includes the retirement plan services offering. After graduating from University of Oregon with a Finance degree, Ted began his career at Franklin Templeton Investments as one of the few selected for their Legacy Management Training program. After learning the inner workings of a large institutional money management firm, Ted took a self-directed sabbatical to serve and learn in Albania. Returning to the States, Ted settled in Portland and began working at Human Investing. Ten years later, Ted has helped build the business from serving a few companies to servicing almost 60 companies and $450mm in assets…and growing. Ted has a disciplined investment approach for the long-term using primarily a diversified mix of equities, while utilizing term-insurance to protect from potential downfalls. This allows him to spend time in areas that are really important to him – community, family, friends, church, and serving.